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  • Milogranite
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    Complete Guide to Milogranite [Plus 5 Alternatives]

    One of the oldest fertilizers around, milorganite is a fertilizer that doesn’t receive half the attention it’s due. Made out of heat-dried microbes that have ingested organic matter found in wastewater, milorganite is manufactured primarily in Milwaukee.  If you’re a fan of recycling, you’ll love milorganite. This natural fertilizer makes the best use of nutrients […] More

  • Kelp4Less coupon codes for natural lawn fertilizers
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    Kelp4Less Coupons: 15% Off Entire Site [2021 Promo Codes]

    Kelp quickly took the residential lawn care industry by storm due its impeccable performance and sustainable manufacturing, providing an impressive natural alternative to chemical fertilizers. And this isn’t a scenario where the natural alternative will be significantly underwhelming in performance. Kelp fertilizers are used in football fields and golf courses across the United States, which […] More

  • Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue
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    Complete Guide to Tall Fescue Grass Seed

    In 1931 Dr. E. N. Fergus, a professor in the agricultural department at the University of Kentucky, traveled to Menifee County in the eastern part of the state to judge a sorghum syrup competition. While at the competition he was approached by a local man who asked if he was aware of a wondrous grass […] More

  • Zoysia grass
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    Complete Guide to Zoysia Grass Seed

    For decades, beginning in the late 1970s and persisting well into the 2000s, if you were to open your Sunday newspaper you’d find tucked somewhere inside it a glossy ad touting the benefits of zoysia. The advertisers were selling plugs of zoysia grass; plant them in a bare yard, you were told, and be patient, […] More

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    The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to grow a beautiful lawn, but it does require some careful planning.  Growing a verdant, healthy lawn starts with the right timing. Once you know the best time to plant grass seed, you’ll be able to maximize your time so you have to do as […] More

  • Roundup alternative
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    5 Roundup Alternatives for Lawns

    It’s hard to find a homeowner that thinks weeds are a great addition to their landscape. There is no question that weeds are a constant battle, and finding a way to keep them in control, aside from having to pull them all by hand is quite important. Spending your summer on your hands and knees […] More