It seems Every Garden Center, Discount Store, Home Improvement Center; even Roadside Vendors have hanging flower baskets for sale. Though most of the baskets you see offered have beautiful flowers and plants, what do you notice about them? OK, I will give you a hint, it has to do with the type of basket used and the presentation of the flowers. Do you notice a similarity between most of the baskets you see for sale.

What strikes me is they are mostly plastic baskets filled with potting mix or soil with the flowers planted in the top. There are some exceptions to the plastic basket theme, where other materials are used for the basket or liner, but the basic concept of planting the flowers in the top seems to be universal.  Hanging Flower Baskets  Is there a way to break out of this one size fits all hanging baskets world?

Yes there is! Using a few readily available materials and flower flats you can create a unique hanging flower basket that presents your flowers in a way I have not seen in my local outlets. Probably the reason it is not seen on the market is that for commercial outlets the labor and care required to create this unique flower presentation is not commercially cost effective. Simply put, it just costs too much to produce for consumer sales. Another reason may be the difficulty of transporting the completed basket from the vendor to the commercial outlet.

This of course presents a rare opportunity for you to create a hanging flower basket that is unique and will not be seen in your neighborhood unless you produce it or share this information with your neighbors. Do not despair, to create this unique hanging basket takes very little time and is a very enjoyable and satisfying project to complete.

What is it you ask! What I am talking about is a way to produce a hanging basket that has flowers all over the basket that takes the shape of a large ball formed with flowers. By using a wire basket and material to hold the flowers in place, the flowers are placed in the basket from top to bottom. After placing all the flowers in the basket it will grow into a sphere shaped ball of flowers.

Begonias are a good choice for the flowers to use, but other species of flowers can be used also. You will need a wire basket so you can place the flowers through the frame, and a material to place around the flower root balls, to hold them in place.Hanging Flower Baskets

It is simply a matter of starting at the bottom and placing the flowers in the basket one row at a time until the basket and the top are completely filled with flowers. The number of flowers and spacing is of course up to you. Keep in mind the flowers will fill out with time in the growing season.

When the basket is complete you need to water it of course, and will need to continue to water it every day or every other day depending on the climate and humidity of your area. To maximize growth and assure the maximum vitality of your flower ball it needs to be fertilized periodically using the recommendations on the container of the plant fertilizer you choose.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will take the plunge and create a unique hanging basket for yourself.

Take care.Hanging Flower Baskets

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