Going green is good for the planet, good for your conscience and now you can go green in style. Looking after your own green space is one of the best ways to start helping the planet and we’ve found some great eco-friendly garden accessories that look fantastic.Garden Accessories

In a 2007 YouGov survey, it was discovered that 60% of British people are trying to go green but also that many people were unaware of the best ways in which to help the planet.

Many may be surprised to know that small, online businesses are some of the greenest on the planet, with the results of a recent Federation Of Small businesses poll indicating that 92% of small businesses are “environmentally responsible”.

With this in mind we searched the internet for small businesses that can deliver the greenest goods with the greatest style, and we have handpicked our 5 favourite garden accessories that are not just for the green fingered, but the green thinkers as well.

Beehouse –

Climate change is turning our buzzing friends into an endangered species. The Beehouse from Cox & Cox is an excellent way to give the British bee a helping hand by giving it shelter in the rain and your flowers will benefit when your visitors spread their pollen around. This garden accessory is an excellent way to introduce children to wildlife conservation.

Sun Jar –

As garden accessories go, the Sun Jar, from Bob Covetable Gifts, is a little miracle. Leave it in the sunshine and it traps the precious light and keeps it for the long summer evenings. It looks fantastic, it’ll save on outdoor lighting costs, and it can be used inside as well.

Salad Garden Gift Voucher -Garden Accessories

Growing your own vegetables is a great way of saving money as well as saving the planet. This little pack from Rocket Garden contains everything you need to create your own vegetable garden, whether you have a country garden or just a few window boxes. It’s a great way to cut down on your food’s airmiles and it’s a great alternative to over-packaged supermarket salad. Is there anything better than your own home-grown veg?

Silver Metal And White Painted Birdhouse –

From the dawn chorus to evening bird song, our feathered friends make some wonderful sounds. Invite them into your garden with garden accessories like this beautiful birdhouse by The Orchard and enjoy their soulful solos and melodious duets all day long, and give them somewhere to stay for the night as well.

Children’s Gardening Tool Bag –

71% of the people surveyed by YouGov were worried about how our actions will affect future generations, so why not get your kids interested in green living early. This stunning gardener’s tool bag by Sting In The Tail will have your children digging and planting all day long, getting exercise outdoors while they learn about where food comes from.

Let your green fingers do the browsing here, on notonthehighstreet.com’s pages Garden Accessories which contain all of these great ideas and more.

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