Before the morning Sun rises in the East taking a walk in a dew filled garden will surely energize each and every nerve with never ending energy. William Wordsworth, the great connoisseur of Nature insisted that men and women find shelter and peace in the lap of green Nature. And it’s true which we can feel day in or day out.

Decorating a green lawn in front of one’s home happens only with an array of garden accessories. Everybody knows it but as usual the cash matter. Yes, cheap garden accessories are the cherries in one’s backyard and there’s no need of swaying with the thought of buying high end garden accessories.

Trekking down a mountain in a remote country will give a view of beautiful garden which is the handicraft of a poor gardener. He might be living in his poor hut but he has a great heart for each and every flower in his garden. Talking of towns and metros in which we also find honey bee folks having a great liking for gardening. Sometimes a few of them lay back on the chair saying that they would not go for gardening unless they have a pot of money to unload a truck of costly garden accessories. Isn’t it a sheer negligence?

We should rather break the huge waves of our narrow mind and become more practical. And at the same we should try to acknowledge that contemporary gardening do not require a hefty bank balance. Fountain, trough, mower, rhubarb forcer, zap bat, wooden cold frame, herb wheel, Jumbo thermometer etc are nevertheless the most important accessories which have to be bought for decorating a green garden. An enthusiastic gardener can bag  garden  with a least amount of money.

The human mind is insane but it finds solace and pleasure in the warmth of a beautiful garden. Yes, the virgin Nature is no more around the concrete walls but with the physical might and with a sack of a few cheap garden accessories can bring back a stereotype of green Nature.

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